GCS:Dirt for Agriculture

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GCS: Dirt for Agriculture

GCS:Dirt is an advanced machine control tool for implementing complex surface water management designs.  GCS:Dirt can import plan data from most dirt design software on the market.  It works very well with software designed for land forming and shaping, such as EziGrade, GradePlane or OptiSurface.  It also has support for the industry standard import formats such as DXF, or LandXML.

The software controls a wide variety of machinery, including dirt pans, pull-type graders, motor graders, bulldozers and high speed finishing scrapers. With GCS:Dirt, you can control two dirt pans through a direct-connect interface to most new tractors, eliminating the need for an external valve. GCS:Dirt in upgraded form can support up to 3 channels of control.