How Technology can Optimize Air space, Increase Compaction and Improve Landfill Management

How Technology can Optimize Air space, Increase Compaction and Improve Landfill Management

The most valuable commodity and most vexing challenge a landfill owner faces is that of airspace. He/she must figure out how to leverage available airspace so that maximum density or compaction is achieved. In other words, reduce the amount of airspace currently being used by the facility and more debris can be stored in the space that is now freed. In this way the lifespan of a landfill can be increased by years. In this post we take a look at how landfill GPS systems and our other technologies can help decrease airspace and resolve other issues that are unique to landfills.

  • More accurate passes are possible: Better control over your compactors means that your crews will skip fewer passes. Further, using our GPS waste management systems mean that you will not under-work certain cells within your landfill. Thus, more accurate cell volume data will ultimately help you begin to decrease the amount of airspace your landfill currently occupies.
  • Helps worker remain safe: Being able to better manage your landfill helps you to set up avoidance zones which drivers can then steer clear of. With drivers being able to flag certain areas of your site you will avoid injuries, layoffs, loss of work, etc. All these can cost your company money.
  • Achieve improved density: With the GeoLogic Orion™ System is powered by GCS: Density, you can stop relying on the far less accurate operator judgment and get a precise gauge of compaction levels. This will help you optimize the available density and thus save airspace. As a bonus, our software will help guide operators in their passes saving them time and fuel which saves you money.

According to the Waste Business Journal, over the next four years only 15% of landfill capacity will remain. In some regions, the need to decrease landfill airspace for existing debris is even more urgent. Better airspace management helps you to make better decisions about your landfill. And as with nearly every other industry, the answer lies with the proper application of technology. Our software tools can help you make better and more profitable decisions. It can help you decrease on-site accidents by giving you and operators actionable data on the changing nature of your landfill. It isn’t just about the crews you hire and the compactors you use, it is also about how those crews are guided.

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